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Meet your newest Independent Consultant for Lemongrass Spa!

I have decided to go on yet another entrepreneurial adventure with the company Lemongrass Spa. I am SO excited to begin this journey because I am a HUGE product junkie and believe that it is SO important to treat your skin well with amazing products.

I stumbled upon this company while I was on a journey to find a new, natural and fresh, skincare regimen. I have super sensitive skin and almost always have a negative reaction when trying a new product. I found that most products with big, bold advertising and hyped up reviews typically never did what they said they’d do. Not only was I wasting time trying these products that never seemed to reap any amazing results but I was also wasting a lot of money on expensive name brands. After finding this company I decided to give their products a try and LOVED them. Not only are they fresh, clean and natural but they are super beneficial for your skin and come at a very affordable price!

As I’ve mentioned in prior beauty posts, I have an addiction to reviewing products. Whether my experience was negative or positive, I always write reviews on websites and blog posts to let other consumers know what did and did not work for me. When a product works well for me I become an instant advocate, and in this case, an independent consultant!

Yes, I love these products so much so that I want to sell them to you and offer my spa services in the convenience of your own home. Read on to know more about the company and what services I can offer you as an Independent Consultant.

Our mission at Lemongrass Spa

We want to provide you and your family with natural, effective products that are both indulgent and purposeful. From our luxurious spa collection, to our best-selling skincare line and for your everyday needs our family care collection will be a welcome replacement in your home.

About the company

Lemongrass Spa began out of Founder and CEO, Heidi Leist’s garage, on a quest to find and develop safer products for her and her family. She had major success across the country and now operates two manufacturing and distributing centers in Pine, Colorado and Tarpon Springs, Florida.

All products are fresh, clean and natural and hand-made in the USA.

Even your furry friends can feel good about Lemongrass Spa products. We don’t test our products on animals, nor have our prestigious raw materials suppliers. (This was a major plus for me!!)

We are proud to bear the “Beauty without Bunnies” logo to show that we are a cruelty free company.

Products are available for purchase through independent consultants aka ME! At-home Lemongrass Spa parties are fun, friendly and allow guests to relax and enjoy the entire pampering experience! Only independent sales consultants who are trained to effectively demonstrate this unique merchandise may sell Lemongrass products.

Our products range from essential oils, facial cleansers, baby products, balms and butters, makeup, body polish, hair care, lotion and more! All of these products are handmade and created naturally to give your skin the pampering it deserves!


What is all the natural goodness in our products anyway?

Right from the beginning we start with the best ingredients that we hand select for their high quality and effectiveness. Our ingredients include:

  • Organically grown, steam distilled pure essential oils such as lavender, tea tree, peppermint, spearmint, sandalwood & jasmine
  • Natural colorants such as beet juice powder and carrot juice
  • Therapeutic and hydrating aloe vera, shea butter, mango butter, olive oil, jojoba oil, olive butter, apricot kernel oil and almond oil for healthier skin
  • Fruit extracts such as pomegranate, raspberry seed and cucumber
  • Sugar, oatmeal, Dead Sea salt and other ingredients that are so natural you could eat them!

Continue reading to learn more about the harmful chemicals in many of today’s products and why you should make the switch to Lemongrass Spa’s all natural skincare products!

Ditch the chemicals

Believe me, I can spend hours on end in Ulta, Sephora and Target scanning the product aisles in search for the best and newest products. While fancy labels, compelling marketing strategies and advertisements for new products are often intriguing, many of these products are filled with harsh chemicals and ingredients that can ultimately cause damage down the road. Parabens, carcinogens, endocrine-disruptors and DNA-damaging ingredients are present in many of your everyday products.

Did you know that on average a woman is wearing 515 chemicals a day?!?

Say what???

These chemicals are found in face wash, face lotion, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, deodorant, perfume, mascara, eye shadow, foundation… and the list goes on. The FDA classifies these products as “cosmetics.”

// The practically completely unregulated cosmetic industry //

The low-down on cosmetics: the US has one of the shortest lists of chemicals that have been banned for use in cosmetics – 11 compared to over 1,000 banned by the European Union! Worse yet, the industry’s review council has reviewed only 20% of the ingredients used in personal care products (some “review council”).

The FDA itself states, “Cosmetic companies have a legal responsibility for the safety of their products and ingredients.” That is, the legal responsibility is the hands of the companies, not the FDA. According to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics:

“Major loopholes in federal law allow the $50 billion cosmetics industry to put unlimited amounts of chemicals into personal care products with no required testing, no required monitoring of health effects, and inadequate labeling requirements. Neither cosmetic products nor cosmetic ingredients are reviewed or approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before they are sold to the public. FDA cannot require companies to do safety testing of their cosmetic products before marketing.”

The Breast Cancer Fund notes:

“Many of these substances are also used in industrial manufacturing processes to clean industrial equipment, stabilize pesticides and grease gears. And we can all agree that an ingredient that effectively scours a garage floor may not be the best choice for a facial cleanser.”

A breakdown of these harmful chemicals

Parabens are used as antifungal agents, preservatives, and antimicrobials. Parables are known endocrine disrupters, i.e. mess with your body’s natural hormone production. The World Health Organization and United Nations this year concluded: “Exposure to E.D.C.s during fetal development and puberty plays a role in the increased incidences of reproductive diseases, endocrine-related cancers, behavioral and learning problems, including A.D.H.D., infections, asthma, and perhaps obesity and diabetes in humans.” In addition, parabens have been found in 99% of breast cancer tissues sampled. Their presence in these cancerous samples lends to the thought their presence may increase the risk of breast cancer.

Ethylene oxide is found in fragrances and is commonly used to manufacture popular brands of shampoo. It is classified as a known human carcinogen and is one of the 48 chemicals that the National Toxicology Program (NTP) identifies as mammary carcinogens in animals.

Aluminum is often the active ingredient in antiperspirant deodorant. This metal mimics estrogen and can also cause direct damage to DNA. Studies have not shown a direct causal link to breast cancer risk, but breast tissue has been shown to concentrate aluminum in the same area where the highest proportion of breast cancers are originally diagnosed.

Phthalates (di-n-butyl phthalate a.k.a. DBP and di 2-ehtylhexyl phthalate a.k.a. DEHP) are not often listed on cosmetics ingredient labels, though the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics found them in nearly three-fourths of tested products. A loophole in the law allows phthalates (and other chemicals) to be added to fragrances without disclosure to consumers. Phthalates are known endocrine-disruptors and have been shown to impact the sex organs of infants when exposed to the chemical in vitro.

Coal tar is used to control itching and scaling, to soften skin, and as a colorant. Coal tar is a known human carcinogen.

Lead, mercury, and other heavy metals often find their way into products. EWG believes that lead may be a contaminant in over 650 products listed in Skin Deep. It has been identified in sunscreens, foundation, nail colors, lipsticks and whitening toothpaste. Additionally, several ingredients derived from plant sources, such as oils and rice derivatives, may be polluted with heavy metals such as lead and mercury.

Make the switch!

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t! There are plenty of other healthier, natural ways to take care of your beautiful skin. Lemongrass Spa offers handmade, quality and natural products all at a very affordable price.

  • Our products do not contain any harmful chemicals. There are only 4 ingredients that we use in small amounts in some products that are not natural: Optiphen, Sodium Benzoate, Gluconolactone and Phenoxyethanol (0.5% by weight – preservative in lotion, crèmes, lipstick and lip gloss). These are parabenfree, formaldehyde-free preservatives added to prevent molding. Fragrances (0.5% to 1% by weight used in some of the products to add to the enjoyment of using them!) Our fragrances are phthalate-free!
  • We use the highest quality natural ingredients and preservatives
  • Many of our products contain essential oils, which provide aromatherapy and healing benefits.
  • Our products are NOT tested on animals (we prefer to test products on humans!)
  • The products contain vegan oils to improve the look and feel of most skin types.
  • All products are gluten-free.

Once you experience the difference between our handmade, natural products versus manufactured, chemical-filled body products, it will be easy for you to make the switch to Lemongrass products for life!

I am beyond excited to share these wonderful products with you as I am a firm believer of treating your body and skin well with fresh, clean and natural products that are safe and affordable!

Contact me today to book an at-home Spa Party where you can sample products or click on my website below to shop!

Telephone: 301.904.6684

Email: haleyquade@gmail.com

Website:  www.ourlemongrassspa.com/7052/



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