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Hey y’all sorry I’ve been MIA this week! I was dealing with a terrible stomach bug earlier this week and work has been crazy! I am snowed in for the next couple of days here in southern Maryland so I will have plenty of time to catch up on blog posts!

Yesterday I received my very first package of custom-made business cards for my Chloe + Isabel business. I wanted to share with you.

I began my journey with Chloe + Isabel back in June. It’s been a great experience, being given all the tools to run your own business and having fun styling beautiful jewels while you’re at it!

It has been a great experience fundamentally, too. I am a grad student studying marketing management and through this blog and my c + i business, I have been able to put my marketing skills to work. Learning new techniques to promote myself and my business through personal branding and marketing materials has been fun & exciting!

I wanted to create personal marketing materials for my c + i business to develop awareness outside of my friend/social group. Tip: It is always important to remember to be extremely savvy when spending on extras like marketing materials in order to keep your profits high and cost of business supplies low. I decided business cards would be the most efficient purchase to market myself and my business. Business cards are an old-fashion and super convenient way to pass out your contact info. You can sneakily and shamelessly slip business cards anywhere. (One time when I worked at Nordstrom I even put my business cards in coat pockets at another department store. Hey, it’s tough out there in commission-only sales!)

So I did a little research on a few different printing companies to find the best-looking and most affordable custom-made business cards. Vistaprint had a ton of options but I couldn’t find a pre-made template I liked. I ended up finding the most perfect cards on Zazzle! See below.


I just love how simple they are and the chic color palette with gold metallic matches what I’m selling, jewelry.

The best part about these business cards is that they were custom-made and shipped to me in less than a week with ground shipping! I will continue to go back to Zazzle for all of my printing & marketing needs! Right now, Zazzle has a sale going on – 50% off all cards, labels and stickers and 15% off on all orders! Check it out at



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Note: This post is a little different that my usual trend-spotting, opinion-based write-ups. Moreover this post is research-based and it’s purpose is not to attract the eye but intended as a good read for those interested in gaining insight on marketing management within the retail industry.

As some of you may know, I recently began my journey as a grad student. I am excited to embark on this new challenging adventure and I figured since I spend a lot of my spare time writing papers and working on projects that I could bring them to my blog in a new series called “Marketing 101.”  Any and all research, papers and projects will have been written or conducted by yours truly. For those in the marketing or management field, I hope you find this informational post helpful or inspiring to some degree… Read More