Rachelle’s Room



Somehow this was posted on my blog a couple days ago and I didn’t even realize it. It was intended to go out today. So. Here it is.

This inspo board was created on a whim for my best friend, Rachelle. She and I were roommates all throughout college so you could say that I know her style pretty well, I mean, I lived with her for 3 years. She just recently bit the bullet and moved to an apartment closer to her work in Silver Spring, MD. She mentioned to me that she was looking to decorate with neutrals and metals – so naturally, I took this opportunity to make an inspo board. She’s obsessed with Biggie Smalls – only girl I knew that wore a Biggie Smalls graphic t-shirt out to the bars. BA AF  <– (Also taught me cool acronyms like that one, Bad Ass As F*ck.) I knew the “It Was All a Dream” poster would be my inspiration for the room. From there, I just added neutral colors and lots of mixed metals. 

Kathy ireland lamp

Colored light
$145 – very.co.uk

Barclay butera bedding

Elephant home decor

Citrus candle

Henri bendel candle

Nail button headboard

Metal book shelve
$145 – very.co.uk

Lattice table

Wicker Accents

01.06.2016Wicker Accents

I love all things rustic and earthy so naturally (pun intended), woven baskets and wicker decor has been my obsession lately. Adding these wicker accents, faux fur and wood for texture and playing with patterns adds a lot of dimension to a room.
It’s been a while since I’ve created an inspo board. If I’m being honest, it’s been a while since I’ve been consistent with blog posts period. Since the new year has kicked off, I would like to jump back into a routine! I have decided I will do these inspo boards (alternating between interior and fashion design) 3x a week on random days. I found that I had a lot of positive feedback with my inspo boards so I will continue to post them! Hope you enjoy! -Haley

$2,055 – interiorsonline.com.au

Ink Ivy blue couch


Nature Inspired


Nature Inspired

I think my favorite interior design theme is nature. I love to bring in the outdoors and center rooms around natural artifacts whether that be deer antlers my boyfriend found or a piece of drift wood hanging on the wall. Nature and organically designed rooms are just comforting to me and tell a story.

In this particular design, I started with the light gray and gold metallic branch wallpaper as my inspiration. To go along with the gold on the wall, I added a brass light fixture above a brass nightstand. The nightstand has a sort leaf texture so I thought it went well in the design. The wooden deer picture about the bed adds even more natural aesthetics to the room. A wooden chair and mustard pillow tie in the metallic gold colors and rustic design. The faux fur blanket is something I add to many of my designs because it adds texture and who wouldn’t want to snuggle up in that big fluffy blanket?!

Shop the design below! Hope these designs give you some inspiration! Feel free to comment with any questions!

White light
$200 – interiorsonline.com.au

Column lamp

Outdoor blanket

Sir Madam bed linen

CB2 twig tree

Wood wall art

Rattan furniture
$420 – interiorsonline.com.au

Maitland Smith glass table

Upholstered bed


Vintage Oushak Rug


Vintage Oushak Rug

Kind of obsessing over vintage oushak rugs lately. How gorgeous are the colors and details in the one above?? I decided to make that my inspiration piece for this design.

I love eclectic looks that feature both modern and traditional pieces.I also always love to add cultural/ethnic details to a design because I think it tells a story. Oushak rugs originated in Turkey during the 15th century and are still popular today due to their high-quality.

Centering rooms around an item you found while you were traveling or a piece of art you made at a pottery class is always a fun conversation starter and it really pulls a room together. I think a home should truly reflect who you are and what you’ve been through in life.

Quick tip:  Be mindful of your surroundings especially when traveling, you never know when you’ll stumble upon something great!

Jamie Young drum lamp

Nalbandian medallion rug

Worlds Away wooden mirror

Succulent centerpiece

Ivory pillar candle

John Richard zig zag chair

Blu Dot square table


Currey Company gold leaf table


My Style – Bedroom


My Style - Bedroom

This is my style to a T. Your bedroom is a place to retrieve from the world and a place to feel the most comfortable. I think it’s super important that your bedroom gives off a sense of calmness and peace, that’s why I chose to use soft neutrals.

I love playing with neutrals and texture to create a harmonious design. Faux fur, linen, satin, and different metals were used to give this design some depth. Geometric shapes and soft feminine decor are combined to give a nice balance between modern and traditional. Instead of a bedside lamp, I chose to give the room some asymmetry and added hanging lights, something I want to do in my own room. Oh, and you can always find a glass of wine on my nightstand at bedtime ; )


Modern Navajo


Modern Navajo

With this design, I started with the blank white brick wall. I wanted the modern look of the painted white brick to be my canvas. I was initially trying to achieve a Joanna Gaines or “fixer upper” look which is modern farmhouse but it evolved into a modern Navajo creation instead. After stumbling upon the fox painting I centered the whole room around it. I really like how the picture collage turned out and I added the rug, sticks, and the cute little yoga fox to continue the theme. I think this design might work for a young-outdoorsy person with a free spirit and it’s gender-neutral so it could easily be in a young couple’s home.