6 Fall Beauty Must-Haves


7 Fall Beauty Must-Haves (1)

Hey y’all so around the first week of a new month, I pick a few of my current favorite beauty/skincare products. This month, since we’re heading into fall with cooler temps and less daylight, I’ve decided to cater this post to the new season!

  1. Million Dollar Tan – If you’re fortunate enough to maintain a nice tan all year round, disregard this particular product and know that I’m a total jelly sandwich over you. This is by far the BEST sunless self-tanner I’ve ever used. The one in the picture above is for the face only but you can buy the body lotion or the spray-on version that comes with a brush for application. I always get compliments on my glow-y skin after I use this product! I love to embrace my natural beauty in all of it’s glory, pale skin included, but I do apply this if I have a special event to go to or a night out!
  2. Mario Badescu Botanical Exfoliating Scrub – This is a fairly new product by Mario. I try to stay consistent with my skincare products because my super sensitive skin will breakout in a heartbeat. However, I couldn’t resist buying this new exfoliant because we all know how dull and lifeless our skin can look in the colder weather. This product packs natural, skin revitalizing ingredients like Green Tea extract, Ginger, Ginkgo, Aloe and Coconut to name a few! I could notice an immediate difference in my skin’s complexion after one use! Use 2-3 times a week to achieve clearer, younger and more radiant skin! I am a true believer that your makeup will only look as good as the skin underneath it! (I could be a walking, talking ad for Mario Badescu products – love this skincare line!)
  3. Pixi by Petra Glow Mist – After hearing all of the raves about these products I had to try for myself. I love any products that allow natural beauty to shine and that is exactly what this product does. Spray on before bed, to set makeup or after lunch for an afternoon pick-me-up! Even if it’s not a double latte, this mist will help you look more awake in 5 seconds!
  4. Pixi Primer – This primer gives the perfect glow with it’s shimmery hues, just add a sheer foundation and your skin will look flawless!
  5. OPI Miami Beet – My go-to fall nail color. I even carry this in my purse for touch-ups because it’s the only color I wear.
  6. Revlon Colorstay Matte Balm in Sultry – I wear this color year round but it’s truly a perfect shade for this time of year. It is super pigmented so just a swipe on the top and bottom and you’re good to go! I get a lot of compliments when I wear it – definitely a staple in my beauty routine.



My Nightly Skincare Routine


Skincare Routine

Hey, y’all! As some of you may know, I’m infatuated with beauty products and love reading reviews online to find the best items/brands – it’s a guilty pleasure of mine. If I like a product that reaps great results, I’ll usually stick to it for a while but sometimes I feel like I bounce from product to product too quickly before letting it work its magic.

My most recent skincare regimen has done wonderful things for my skin’s health and overall complexion. It’s the bees knees and I want you all to experience the results!

My morning and night routine are different because I am removing makeup and cleansing my pores at night while in the morning it’s just a matter of splashing my face with a dabble of cleanser and moisturizer. I think nighttime skincare is the most important. While our bodies need at least 8 hours of sleep, our skin needs to be restored and replenished, too!

I will list my nightly skincare routine and, in my opinion, some of the best products I’ve used thus far.

our flora and fauna (1)

So let me break it down for ya…

  1. I use the Phisoderm cleanser morning AND night. It is pH balanced and contains 2% salicylic acid meant for oily and blemish-prone skin. At the age of 22, I feel like I am dealing with more skin issues than I did during my high school years. This inexpensive ($5) facial cleanser has helped tremendously to clear my skin and create a more even-toned complexion. It is a bit drying so make sure you have a good moisturizer handy!
  2. Josie Maran’s Argan Oil works wonders! I was scared to use this at first – adding oil to my already oily skin? No way. But I bit the bullet and tried it upon several recommendations and great reviews. I love it. The oil is non-comedogenic so it won’t clog pores. It actually makes a lot of sense to moisturize with an oil because typically our skin over-produces oil because it thinks it needs it. The Argan Oil actually works to balance and hydrate the skin, therefore, less natural oil production. Voila! (I use the normal Argan Oil at night and the light Argan Oil during the day.)
  3. Sometimes after I cleanse my face at night I like to use my Clarisonic with warm water to exfoliate my skin. I think it helps to shed the dead skin and gives my face a nice clean feeling. I probably do this 1-2 times a week.
  4. For spot treatment, I love Kate Somerville’s EradiKate blemish banishing therapy. Much like the infamous Mario Badescu spot treatment, this formula contains the highest level of sulfur allowed to quickly calm acne flare-ups while also freeing skin of further bacteria build-up. I notice a huge difference in the size and redness of a blemish with just one, over-night use of this product.
  5. As mentioned in the pic above, this GlamGlow Super Mud is my holy grail item. I love to pamper myself often and this spa-worthy mask is the best at pampering! It’s like getting a pricey facial but sipping on wine and laying in the comfort of your own bed. You can literally see the mask working its magic as it pulls out excess oil and dirt from your pores! I use this stuff at least 3x a week! The container can last for a lot longer if used sparingly. There’s a reason this product has 70K loves and a 4.5 star rating on Sephora.com. Give this stuff a try!
  6. The majority of blackheads I have are on the bridge of my nose, the most common place for the unfortunate, stubborn, clogged pores. I have always gone back to the Bioré nose strips. These are a newer edition using charcoal to help eliminate blackheads. I only do this a couple times a month, if that.

I hope this was helpful for some of you! I know how frustrating it can be to find a skincare routine that works for you. Everyone’s skin is different and it really takes some research and unfortunately a little trial and error to find the best regimen. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or comment on these posts – I’d love to hear your feedback!


Beauty Buys


“My name is Haley and I’m addicted to beauty products.”

“Hiiii Haley.”

If you know anything about me at all it’s that I’m an absolute freak over beauty products. I should honestly have a YouTube channel dedicated to Ulta hauls, Target hauls, Sephora hauls, etc. You get the point.

I don’t know why it took me so long to come up with this series because I test and try new products all of the time for fun and actually enjoy writing reviews based upon the results. I could honestly spend hours writing reviews on websites patronizing or boycotting products. So instead of continuing that, I will bring my product reviews to this new series, “Beauty Buys.”

Below I will share with you a few of my recent purchases.

I was in the market for a new foundation. I had been using a blemish technology foundation by Almay which I still love but it was super heavy on my skin. I wanted something light for everyday wear during the intense summer heat.


Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer // $43 – Unfortunately, I wasn’t super thrilled with this product. I have a slightly oily complexion by the end of my 14 hour day and this stuff just added to that. It looked as if it were melting off of my face. I was disappointed because I bought the product based solely off of the awesome reviews and upon research, it worked well for others with oily skin. No way. Not for me.


Cover FX BB Gel Mattifying Anti-Blemish Treatment // $45 – I ended up going back to Sephora and got this because a friend suggested it. LOVE this triple-threat foundation. Perfect for summer because it goes on super light but still gives me a nice matte complexion throughout the day. I tend to breakout from time to time so it’s great that this has 1% Salicylic acid in it which is the highest percent I’ve seen in a foundation so far. I think it’s helping to keep the breakouts at bay.


Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara // $24 – Ehh. Don’t hate it, don’t love it. It’s just okay. I will always go back to my favorite L’ORéal Telescopic Mascara for a whopping $9.99.