My Favorite iPhone Case


Good morning + Happy Hump Day! I am in dire need of a new phone case. I purchased the Rose Gold 6s Plus iPhone back in October and bought whatever clear cell phone case was available at a local Nordstrom Rack. Of course I wanted clear because I wanted everyone to see my shiny new Rose Gold phone, duh!

The case has seen its better days. Its a little scratched and foggy and just dingy. I had previously used a phone case from Casetify for my iPhone 5s and loved it so naturally I went back to what I know and repurchased from that brand.

The case designs from Casetify are just so feminine and super trendy! Check out some of my favorites below!

Untitled design (5)love the texture of this one!

Andddd drumroll please….. The case that I just purchased – MACAROONS!


I love how customized the cases are. You can choose the pastel color you want around the perimeter of the phone. I loved the purple but there is a peach pink and pearl teal color as well. You can also change the color of the phone on their website to whatever color your phone is – silver, gold, rose gold, and tungsten to see what the case will look like on your phone!

I personally love the clear back to show off the Rose Gold color on my phone but there are some super fun and unique wooden cases, too!

love the texture of this one! (1).jpgDon’t like any of the pre-made options? Make your own! There is also an option to create your very own personalized case using your photos and a layout of your choice.

The options are unlimited and you don’t have to be an iPhone user! There are Android options as well – if that’s your thing. I’m personally team iPhone for life!

In addition to cases, you can purchase a cool sleeve for your MacBook, a wristband for your Apple watch or a photo cover for your iPad!

Check out all of Casetify’s products at their website!


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