Build Your Chloe + Isabel Collection


The versatility of Chloe + Isabel jewelry is really what sets it apart from its competitors. The fact that one necklace can we worn 3 to 5 different ways is remarkable! You’re truly getting a bang for your buck with Chloe + Isabel jewelry.

Short story:  So Chloe + Isabel just released our newest collection called “La Dolce Vita.” Within that collection is a gorgeous Tortoise + Chain Convertible Necklace, shown below.

N373 (1)


How stunning?? Here’s the kicker, this necklace can be worn FIVE different ways!




Obviously I have to have this piece. Am I right? Just look at it. Well, I thought about it and realized I have some very similar pieces from Chloe + Isabel already! So while getting dressed this morning, I played around with three different pieces of c + i jewelry that I already owned to create a similar look. See below.


I started with the Tortoise Heirloom Link necklace (far left). I then attached it to my Heirloom Chain + Pavé Convertible Necklace. It’s hard to tell from the picture but both ends of the Tortoise link necklace are clasps so you can easy hook this necklace onto other necklaces.

I also connected the Tortoise link necklace to our Trésors layering necklace to make it longer but more simple.

As a jewelry stylist for Chloe + Isabel, I can really benefit from the versatility of our pieces. I cannot always afford every new piece that comes out but I still want to build my display for in-home pop-ups and parties. Being able to create a new item with my current collection of jewelry shows my customers just how much you can do with our jewelry.

Not to mention, our jewelry is also hypoallergenic, nickel-free and lead safe. Our jewelry is of high-quality but if for some reason something happens you can rest easy knowing that all of our products come with a lifetime replacement guarantee!

Building a substantial collection of Chloe + Isabel jewelry gives you infinite options when styling your pieces!

I’m excited to share our jewelry with you all and I want you to see that accessorizing your outfits with jewelry is a super fun way to express yourself! Combining pieces of convertible jewelry is fun and is almost like an art for me. The options are endless with C + I jewelry!

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