Rachelle’s Room



Somehow this was posted on my blog a couple days ago and I didn’t even realize it. It was intended to go out today. So. Here it is.

This inspo board was created on a whim for my best friend, Rachelle. She and I were roommates all throughout college so you could say that I know her style pretty well, I mean, I lived with her for 3 years. She just recently bit the bullet and moved to an apartment closer to her work in Silver Spring, MD. She mentioned to me that she was looking to decorate with neutrals and metals – so naturally, I took this opportunity to make an inspo board. She’s obsessed with Biggie Smalls – only girl I knew that wore a Biggie Smalls graphic t-shirt out to the bars. BA AF  <– (Also taught me cool acronyms like that one, Bad Ass As F*ck.) I knew the “It Was All a Dream” poster would be my inspiration for the room. From there, I just added neutral colors and lots of mixed metals. 

Kathy ireland lamp

Colored light
$145 – very.co.uk

Barclay butera bedding

Elephant home decor

Citrus candle

Henri bendel candle

Nail button headboard

Metal book shelve
$145 – very.co.uk

Lattice table

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