DIY Pallet Wood Deck Cooler


Happy birthday week to me!


I’ve been using that excuse at work and at home for the past few days (my birthday was on Monday 12/14) and people are starting to get annoyed. Hmph. But in all fairness I was treated like complete royalty on my birthday! I celebrated from sunup to sundown.

Luke and my sweet pup sent me off to work with a cup-a-jo and lots of birthday kisses. I spent my hour and a half bus ride replying to happy birthday texts and calls and arrived to work to find homemade cupcakes and cards covering my desk! The girls at work treated me to an amazing carb-filled lunch at my favorite lunch spot in DC, Vapiano. (Try it out – freshly-made pasta onsite and everything is made to order!) I worked hard (or hardly worked) the rest of the afternoon and then was treated to a happy hour at the restaurant in our building. I hurried home to get to my birthday dinner at my favorite Chinese restaurant with my mom, MawMaw and boyfriend. Little did I know, I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me – a DIY pallet board cooler my boyfriend made out of pallet boards and old hardware found around the farm! I was totally not expecting anything else because he had already bought me a gorgeous, baby blue, Kate Spade handbag and wallet set a couple weeks before. See pics of the cooler below!

Pallet wood found on the farm.
The bottle opener was the only add-on purchased for the project. I spy the other awesome bday gift from my boyfriend, the blue Kate Spade sitting back there 🙂
Cleats from an old boat.


Old hinges from a barn door.
Old cooler he had laying around and my favorite beer – Angry Orchard and Sam Adams Cherry Wheat mixed together called an Angry Cherry – try it! 

Luke made this awesome DIY ice chest by following YouTube videos/tutorials. He said it took a total of about 10 hours and he spent $2 on the bottle opener! He would like to add legs with wheels and cut out a hole on the side to drain water.

If you or someone you know is interested in doing this project, leave a comment so I can be sure to get you more information on how to create one of your very own!




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