Weekend Spotlight: Farmer’s Market


Happy Monday y’all! Hope everyone had a fun-filled weekend! I took off Friday so I had a nice long weekend but certainly stayed busy!

A Peek into My Weekend

On Friday my boyfriend (Luke) and I were asked to be in a bridal shoot for a bridal boutique I used to work at. While it was a little strange for my boyfriend and I to play bride & groom for a day, we were flattered to be asked and had a blast! We can’t wait to see how the pictures turn out! Stay tuned : )

After the shoot, Luke and I rushed to the other end of St. Mary’s county to attend my Uncle’s 50th surprise birthday party. It is very hard to pull anything off with him constantly looking for clues but we managed to surprise him BIG TIME! Lots of fun with family and friends! My grandma (MawMaw) sings in a country/bluegrass band and we had them put on a show. So fun!

The Farmer’s Market

We left a little early to go home and get some sleep because Luke and I had to be up at 5 AM to rush off to the farmers market in a little town called Del Ray in Alexandria, VA. For those that don’t know, my boyfriend is a farmer. He participates in this particular market every Saturday morning, year-round. I have been a few times before but typically go during the fall/winter months when there is a little less produce to unload from the truck. I let the men handle the heavy lifting AKA watermelons, cantaloupes, etc. The market is from 8-12 but we like to get there around 7 to start setting up. We unloaded two tents, five tables and a TON of produce. This is what we sold this Saturday:

  • 4 different varieties of apples
  • turnips
  • radishes
  • leeks
  • beets
  • spinach
  • Swiss chard
  • collards
  • kale
  • cabbage
  • butternut squash
  • yellow squash
  • zucchini
  • cucumbers
  • specialty peppers
  • green/red peppers
  • garden tomatoes
  • roma tomatoes
  • grape tomatoes
  • onions
  • red/white potatoes
  • sweet potatoes
  • green beans
  • brussel sprouts
  • cauliflower
  • broccoli
  • salad mix
  • brown eggs
  • honey
  • pumpkins
  • mums

I probably forgot something. Yes, we unloaded all of that shiz. Haven’t been to the gym in a while but this should definitely count for something! I work an office job and don’t realize how much manual labor goes into my boyfriends job on a daily basis. It was kinda nice to get my hands dirty and work outside for a change. Plus, since I left my career in retail, I miss working with customers so it was nice to get some people interaction.

Here are some pictures I took at the market on Saturday…


My handsome man at our check-out table. This was towards the end of the market. It was a chilly day with the wind gusts. We had to use buckets of rocks/sand to hold down our tents!
This is one side of our stand (two tables) packed with fresh produce! I forgot to take a picture of the other side but it was another two tables and just as full with produce!
Swiss chard is so pretty! I just love all the colors. I don’t think I’ve ever tried it but will have to look for good recipes and give it a go!
Btw… do you know how hard it is to sell a pumpkin after Halloween??
We bought our chocolate Labradoodle, Moose, along for the day! He was greeted by several other dogs and humans with lots of love and affection! We will need to work on his manners, he’s definitely not a city dog. He was so exhausted after all the excitement.

Luke and I stopped by Fuddruckers on our way home from the market and treated ourselves to some nice juicy burgers. Then we took a much needed nap. To unwind on Sunday, I spent the whole day in bed… creating a very in-depth marketing plan. Not how I planned to spend my whole Sunday but it is what it is. I keep telling myself this grad school nonsense will all be worth it in the end.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and an even better start to the week! My thoughts and prayers have been and continue to be with all those affected by the terrorist attacks in Paris, France. Sending my love to you!



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