How many chemicals are you wearing today?


Did you know…

the average woman wears (3)

That’s an insane number of chemicals you are literally putting all over your body! The scariest part about this is that it only takes 26 seconds for these chemicals to enter your bloodstream upon using.

I was shocked to learn how many harmful ingredients go into our everyday products. The FDA hardly even approves them. Parabens, carcinogens, endocrine-disruptors and DNA-damaging ingredients are present in many of your everyday products. Many of these ingredients are directly linked to cancer. These chemicals are found in face wash, face lotion, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, deodorant, perfume, mascara, eye shadow, foundation… and the list goes on. The FDA classifies these products as “cosmetics.”


One of the most harmful hygiene products on the market is your typical antiperspirant deodorant which contains aluminum. Aluminum basically acts as a sweat gland blocker. Yay! No more sweaty armpits! Well, think about this… Your body was built in a way to benefit you. Obviously we have sweat glands for a reason, to release bad toxins from our body by eliminating them through sweat. Where are all of these toxins going if you are blocking them from exiting your body? They are headed straight towards the surrounding tissues aka your breast tissues and underarm areas. Do you really want toxins to build up in your breasts? Nah.

Learning this information was scary to me. I have many great aunts who have had breast cancer and my grandma survived it as well. I want to do anything and everything I can now to help prevent this from happening to me later in life. I know it seems like everything today causes cancer so people just seem to go on with their lives and shrug it off. But if I can make small changes everyday to ensure my health and well being down the road then I absolutely will.

Getting into good habits and doing research on products is where I am starting. I want to know as much as I can about the products on the market so I know what to avoid and what is tolerable. I am so glad I am starting this now that way I can instill good habits in my children and friends and family around me.

I have slowly begun to throw away my chemical-laden products and adding the Lemongrass Spa products into my routine. There are so many benefits and healing powers found in natural ingredients and it makes me feel good knowing that each day I am working towards a healthier lifestyle. Eventually I will even switch to our all natural sheer minerals makeup. Slowly but surely I am ditching the chemicals.

You should consider making the switch! Lemongrass Spa products are very affordable compared to most other natural skincare products. You can even host a spa party with friends in your PJs and earn FREE things!

Even just making a few changes will make a difference in improving your health and well being. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me to learn more about Lemongrass Spa’s all-natural products and making the switch to a healthier lifestyle!

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