My first Lemongrass Spa party experience was…




This past weekend I got the chance to shadow my Lemongrass Spa director, Jenn, at her home while she held a Lemongrass Spa facial party! It was awesome.

I did the whole “become a consultant” thing a little backwards. I had only heard of the company, never tried the products or attended a party when I made the decision to start selling. The reviews alone and the all-natural ingredients was enough to get me to become a consultant. I did a lot of research on the brand and then even more research on all of the harmful chemicals that are in today’s products and decided right then to start making some healthier lifestyle changes. I was so excited upon signing up because I couldn’t wait to share these amazing products with everyone!

I lost that motivation when I realized I was in over my head with my workload and graduate classes. I had rescheduled several times to meet with Jenn because my schedule was just so busy. I finally made time on Sunday morning to listen in on one of her in-home spa parties and I am SO glad that I did!!

It was so motivating and uplifting to see someone have so much success through a direct selling company and not to mention, a company she is truly passionate about! Her daughter has had severe allergic reactions to store bought products, even the most common on the market like Johnson & Johnson. She began to realize that the chemicals in these products were causing these health concerns. Since switching to Lemongrass Spa’s all-natural products her daughters skin and overall health has improved tremendously! It was so great to hear a personal story on how Lemongrass products have contributed to a much healthier lifestyle!

She went over all of the products with me one by one and I got to see many products, including the sheer minerals makeup, that did not come in my start-up kit. The skincare product junkie in me was in heaven!

After reviewing the products and talking about the company, I sat through a facial spa party one of her friends was hosting. The ladies got to do a hand soak and then got a facial treatment with our awesome skincare cleanser, polish and moisturizer. They even got to apply the all-natural mineral makeup! It was such a fun and very relaxing at-home party (unlike the many I’ve been to). There was a diffuser steaming with one of our essential oils which made the room smell and feel like we were at a spa!

I learned so much about Lemongrass Spa products and now I am even more thrilled to share these wonderful all-natural products with you and your friends and family! Please contact me today to book an at-home spa party or shop the products on my Lemongrass website linked below! Make the switch and ditch the chemicals!

My Lemongrass Website




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