Nature Inspired


Nature Inspired

I think my favorite interior design theme is nature. I love to bring in the outdoors and center rooms around natural artifacts whether that be deer antlers my boyfriend found or a piece of drift wood hanging on the wall. Nature and organically designed rooms are just comforting to me and tell a story.

In this particular design, I started with the light gray and gold metallic branch wallpaper as my inspiration. To go along with the gold on the wall, I added a brass light fixture above a brass nightstand. The nightstand has a sort leaf texture so I thought it went well in the design. The wooden deer picture about the bed adds even more natural aesthetics to the room. A wooden chair and mustard pillow tie in the metallic gold colors and rustic design. The faux fur blanket is something I add to many of my designs because it adds texture and who wouldn’t want to snuggle up in that big fluffy blanket?!

Shop the design below! Hope these designs give you some inspiration! Feel free to comment with any questions!

White light
$200 –

Column lamp

Outdoor blanket

Sir Madam bed linen

CB2 twig tree

Wood wall art

Rattan furniture
$420 –

Maitland Smith glass table

Upholstered bed


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