Happy Friday & Halloween Eve!

I’ve been designing clothing sets like crazy lately and scheduling them in advance so I can keep up with grad school and my full-time job. Oye. Having said that, I think this is my favorite outfit that I’ve made, at least in my current batch of designs. Andddd what better day to post this but on a Friday after a long and very exhausting week!
This outfit is so feminine yet edgy at the same. damn. time. Reminds me of something the young Carrie Bradshaw would wear. I centered the whole outfit around the taupe tulle maxi skirt. I love being able to mix spring/summer pieces into the fall/winter wardrobe. I added black accessories and bow-tie strappy heels which adds to the feminine look.
Tell me you cannot imagine yourself waltzing around town in this sassy outfit?!? Like, every girl deserves to have this in her closet. I need every single piece. Now. Gimme.

Moschino crop tee
$290 –

Needle Thread long pink tulle skirt
$145 –

Chanel black crossbody
$3,670 –

Eau de perfume
Disclaimer: Most designs I put together are designer items that run hundreds to thousands of dollars. I can't afford them nor am I suggesting you purchase them. But by all means, if you got, flaunt it! I am simply putting together sets by different designers that I enjoy and mainly for inspirational purposes. It's always fun to go out and hunt for inexpensive versions of the designer. Just keepin' it real with ya!

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