La Belle Rose


La Belle Rose

Pretty in pink!

The floral pants really inspired this outfit. When I think of floral I think of spring and summer, and while this outfit could work during those times of year, I think it could go into fall as well with the soft pinks and beige tones. (Hence why I categorized it in all three seasons!)

Seriously loving the baby pink Tory Burch satchel and the trendy new lace-up flats also in a light pink. I consider light pink a neutral because like beige and nude, it can really blend well with everything – black, gray, white, tan, ivory, green, the list goes on!

Shop the look below!

Derek Lam white long sleeve top
$640 –

J.Crew party pants
$430 –

Tory burch clutch

Disclaimer: Most designs I put together are designer items that run hundreds to thousands of dollars. I can't afford them nor am I suggesting you purchase them. But by all means, if you got, flaunt it! I am simply putting together sets by different designers that I enjoy and mainly for inspirational purposes. It's always fun to go out and hunt for inexpensive versions of the designer. Just keepin' it real with ya!

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