Transitioning to a New Skin Care Regimen



Most people are hesitant when changing their skincare routine. Whether their current one is working or not, they fear that changing their products will have a negative impact on their skin. The truth is implementing different skincare products and ingredients into your routine are beneficial. Just like a personal trainer advises their clients to rotate their workouts so your muscles don’t become complacent, estheticians advise their clients to change their skincare routine. This allows the skin to receive different benefits from new products. Your skin is consistently changing and your skincare should be adjusting to reflect your skins current needs.

If you are making the decision to try natural products for the first time, or you are switching over your skincare products from summer to autumn, you might experience a transition phase known as skin detoxing. Detoxing can have some not so pleasant side effects and appear in several different ways depending on your skin type. The most common symptoms of skin detoxing are acne, redness, skin sensitivity, excessive oil production, or lack of oil production. This period could last from a couple of days to a couple of weeks depending on the type of change you are making. Keep in mind if you are changing over to natural products for the first time this period may last a little longer.

Below are Lemongrass Products that can help each detox symptom your skin may experience. They may not cure them 100%; however they will act as an aid until your skin adjusts.


Tea Tree Face Soap will draw skin impurities out from your pores. This will help skin blemishes heal faster.

Clarifying Facial Mist Spray this mist on your skin throughout the detoxing process to help treat blemishes before they surface.


Prebiotic Facial Wash and Mist This pair helps reduce redness and inflammation by providing the skin with healthy bacteria. The healthy bacteria will help balance the skin and fight irritations.

Green Corrector Concealing Stick Use the concealing stick under any Sheer Minerals concealer to neutralize redness on the skin.

Skin Sensitivity

Gentle Face Crème This moisturizer is unscented and nut-oil free which is perfect for sensitive skin.

Healing Elements The zinc in Healing Elements will help sooth itching sensitive skin.

Excessive oil production

Mineral Make up Primer Absorbs excessive oil under your make up.

Green Tea Antioxidant Serum This is a lightweight serum for oily skin.

Lack of oil production

Cleansing Gel for Normal to Dry Skin SLS free and great for not stripping the skin during cleansing.

Lastly, I suggest drinking plenty of water, to help detox from the inside out. Once you have fully transitioned to using natural skin care you might only have a few, if any, detox symptoms when transitioning between different natural skincare products during each season. Hang in there, once the detox phase is over you will be relieved to see the many benefits your skin has received.



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