Introducing New Independent Consultant for Lemongrass Spa



Hey y’all! I have some super exciting news to share – I have started yet another entrepreneurial adventure with Lemongrass Spa as an Independent Consultant!

A true passion of mine lies in the beauty and skincare industry. I love to pamper my skin in the best ways possible and am constantly trying new ways to enhance the natural beauty of my skin. Some of you may know that I am a product junkie. I love products and spend way too much money on them, especially skincare products. New flashy labels and compelling marketing incentives get me every time.

Recently, I’ve been reading labels more and more and realized that most products I use are jam-packed with harmful ingredients. For example, did you know that most deodorants contain FIVE toxic ingredients? Aluminum (linked to breast cancer), parabens (hormonal disruptor), propylene glycol (can cause damage to central nervous system, live and heart), phthalates (linked to birth defects), and triclosan (classified as a pesticide by the FDA). WOW. After becoming more aware of the chemicals in many everyday products, I began to do some research to find natural skincare lines and that’s when I stumbled across Lemongrass Spa.

Lemongrass Spa offers 97-100% natural and organic skincare, mineral makeup and baby care products by way of direct selling from independent consultants. All products are handmade in the USA and cruelty free (testing done on humans, never on animals).

Science and technology have started linking health concerns to harmful chemicals found in many products on the market. In an effort to move away from these chemicals, living a healthy lifestyle and choosing to buy natural and organic products is a making a huge movement in today’s society. So much so that big-name companies like Johnson & Johnson have started mocking organic skincare lines by pushing marketing campaigns for their new “natural” product lines. Take a look at the picture below:


It is clear to see that Johnson & Johnson is trying to make way in the natural skincare industry by simply altering a few ingredients and adding the word “natural” to the bottle. Without looking at the ingredients, a consumer would be tricked into buying a product that is actually full of non-natural ingredients. Very deceiving. You can see on the right that Lemongrass Spa offers an all natural version that is safe to use on your baby.

I am really excited to bring Lemongrass Spa products to my community, friends and family as I am a huge advocate for their products and believe that they can enhance your natural skin in the most beneficial way possible.

As most of you know, I have gone the independent merchandiser route before, hence my brief experience with Chloe + Isabel. While I am still considered an Independent Merchandiser for C + I, I have never been super motivated to sell their jewelry. Not that I don’t 100% back their brand and products (I have and will always love the company!), but I am not a person to shove products down someone’s throat when it comes to buying less necessary items like jewelry.

Having said that, I’m not interested in making money as an independent consultant by way of direct selling. Making money and commissions is my least concern. I worked at Nordstrom where I solely relied on commission and ended up quitting because quite frankly, I’m just not good at selling. I am not a born salesperson and it is not in my nature to be a pushy rep for a company.

Nevertheless, I am very excited about embarking on this new journey because I am truly a supporter of Lemongrass Spa and want everyone to embrace and benefit from all of the wonderful and very affordable products.

Talk to me today about making the switch to fresh, clean and natural skincare from Lemongrass Spa!

T- 214-621-3527 M- 3250 912584 E- (2)

Interested in knowing more about Lemongrass Spa products or want to host a spa party with me? Continue on to my new Lemongrass Spa page for more information and reasons to make the switch natural skincare!



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