Hunter Rain Boots


rainy (1)
Fine Collection V-Neck Sweater // J. Crew Twill Military Anorak Coat // Hudson Jeans // Hunter Original Tall rain boots // Chloe + Isabel Nordic Mist collection

Happy October, y’all! As we head into a new month and new season, us Eastern shore folks are prepping for a Hurricane this weekend *insert Pineapple Express quote here.* High winds and nasty, rainy weather plus the never-ending pile of grad school papers will keep me on my comfy couch wrapped in a big blanket all weekend. But if you’re one to live on the edge or just have a ton of errands to run and people to see – I put together a cute and casual rainy day outfit.

i finally incorporated my current favorite C+I collection in this rainy October post! This collection is called Northern (Nordic) Mist featuring lots of blue tones and gemstones. My favorite color is blue so you could imagine why I love these pieces so much. The statement factor of these pieces is the blue mother-of-pearl inlay that boasts an array of colors as light touches it. I particularly love the olive green iridescent hues that are showcased. This Nordic statement necklace is the perfect way to take a boring, casual outfit to a stylish and chic look. The J. Crew anorak coat and baby blue Hunter rain boots continues the preppy styleย but is still functional by keeping you warm and dry from the inclement weather conditions.

You can find me under a big blanket in my PJs this weekend but for those of you ladies who like an adventure – stay safe and dry!

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