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27 Miles Malibu Chumash Stripe Poncho // Res Denim high-waisted distressed jeans // Raye Matty Heel booties // Chloe + Isabel jewelry “Alpenglow” collection and Bead and Rubbon Multi-Wrap bracelet

Oh, the beloved poncho. This particular poncho is sexy AND comfortable, with the off-the-shoulder look. I do love a big wool, turtle-neck poncho during the subzero degree temperatures but this one is perfect for transitioning from summer to fall. I paired it with distressed skinny jeans and super cute heeled-booties. I continued with blue hues and chose long necklaces from Chloe + Isabel’s new fall collection “Alpenglow” perfect for layering or worn separately. The ribbon and bead multi-wrap bracelet is cute and casual for this comfy fall outfit.

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