Fresh Picks No. 7


I’m getting really excited for fall weather to make its official debut! We’re starting to get into cooler temps but during the transition from summer to fall we’re experiencing that awkward cool in the morning, warm in the afternoon situation.

I have never been able to classify the way I dress to one particular style – I like it all! I think it’s good to try new trends and experiment with pieces outside of your comfort zone. Fashion is all about expressing yourself and less about trying to appease others. I can go from preppy to edgy to country/boho in a hot second. Lately, I’ve really found an interest in vintage glam crossed with bohemian chic. Both Anthropologie and Free People would represent my current style.

Soft tones, bead-work, lace, fringe, fur, and lots of layering would sum up my look for fall. I got a lot of inspiration this past weekend when I visited a local boutique called Centerpiece in La Plata, MD. If you’re in the southern Maryland area check them out – but beware, you’ll want to buy everything!

I found all of the items below at one of my favorite online shops, Revolve Clothing!




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