National Dog Day


Happy Wednesday! Also, Happy National Dog Day to you and your furry companion! This will be the first time I celebrate National Dog Day with my very own pup – my chocolate Labradoodle, Moose.

This dog has changed my life tremendously in just the few short months I’ve had him. Unlike people, he’s not judgmental. He doesn’t care what his hair looks like or what mine looks like for that matter. He runs up to me in complete candor every single evening I get home from work. He shows his love and affection always and if you give him food, he’ll love you doubly as much (a man after my own heart!). He has shown me what it’s like to have a big responsibility and in return has helped me to be a better caretaker and a more selfless being.

We humans could learn a lot from dogs. The respect, forgiveness and pure love that a dog shows no matter what the circumstance is very humbling. This world would be a lot less cute and loving without dogs, so here’s to you, furry ones! Happy National Dog Day!

If you missed my post a couple months ago about Moose, here it is – 11 Reasons why my dog is my best friend.



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