Everything you need to know about Olivia Palermo’s new makeup line


I was researching fall 2015 fashion trends on Pinterest this morning and Olivia’s pictures were popping up everywhere, obviously. She has been taking the fashion world by storm for the past few years and is constantly admired for her ability to maintain a perpetuous and trendy style season after season. What I love most about Olivia is the way her natural beauty still radiates in the midst of her chic style. Her iconic middle-part “lob,” red lips, and red nails create a crisp, clean palette for her stylish outfits. She is probably one of today’s most idolized women in fashion and has been featured several times in fashion magazines and publications questioning her secret to great style.

After seeing so many ‘Olivia’ posts on Pinterest, I Googled her name to find her website/blog. I found out that she is working as the Guest Creative Director at Ciaté London and just announced her new makeup range featuring an 11-piece makeup collection. Check out some of the new products below.


What I’m most excited about?  The blush/bronzer duo that promises Palermo-worthy contouring! Now I can look like her – next task, affording her awesome wardrobe!



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