11 Reasons Why My Dog Is My Best Friend


I am blessed and privileged to be a dog-mom to my chocolate Labradoodle, “Moose.” Here is a list of 11 reasons why my dog is my best friend.

I recently read an article that had been circulating on Facebook.  The article was about how people should not refer to their pets especially dogs as “furbabies” or “dogchild” as it is an insult to all mothers because it belittles their hard work raising their own child. This article infuriated me. What I could say about how wrong the so called author/blogger is, would most definitely dwarf her article. First off, does the author really have nothing else to do with her time but to write a very lengthy, over-exaggerated post criticizing what others choose to call their pets?  Has your creativity run dry? Second, how hypocritical of you to say it’s an insult for someone to use the term “dogchild” when you’re insulting an entire population of people who choose to view their dogs as a family member. Heaven forbid, they can’t conceive their own child and a dog is all they have. Lastly, raising a puppy into maturity mirrors raising children in nearly all aspects of said subject matter, except the fact that dogs are not human. You must teach and train, nourish your children and dogs with love and patience throughout their lives.

After reading the article I began to think of all the ways I am blessed and privileged to be a dog-mom to my chocolate Labradoodle, “Moose.” Here is a list of 11 reasons why my dog is my best friend.

  1. Unconditional love – Walking into my home after a long, hard day at work and being greeted with a shower of kisses from my pup is the ultimate way to turn my day around. He doesn’t care about a failing grade, a stressful day at work, or that huge stain on your new white pants. He loves you and he makes it known every single day.
  2. Dependable & loyal – Going off of unconditional love, dogs are always there for you. When I’m sick or upset he doesn’t leave my side. There’s something so comforting about their loyalty. I know Moose will never break my heart.
  3. Responsibility – Owning a pet takes a lot of responsibility. It shows you can be responsible for something other than yourself which also shows maturity. It symbolizes that you are dependable and capable of sharing your love.
  4. Protection – Dogs have a natural instinct to protect.  They bark and warn you when the mail man comes down the driveway or when the doorbell rings. Although there isn’t a whole of threat in my cute Labradoodle’s demeanor, his bark signals something’s up.
  5. Adventures – He loves to go on road trips and explore the outdoors. He’s playful and extremely smart – the perfect partner in crime.
  6. Sleeping – We both love to take naps. If it were an option, a morning nap, mid-day nap and an afternoon nap would be awesome.
  7. Snuggle buddy – Dogs make the perfect snuggle buddy.  Not all dogs are content with lying around and snuggling but my pup is.  Snowed-in? Netflix and Moose snuggles all day.
  8. They love food – Friends are cool, however, you go out to eat with them and they’ll complain about their weight and order salads from the appetizer menu. Your dog won’t mind if you opt for the burger; he or she will probably love you all the more.
  9. No judge zone – Haven’t showered in a week? No problem, neither has he. Go ahead and throw on those old leggings with holes at the seam, no makeup, hair disheveled, lookin’ a mess. Dogs will love you even on your worst days.
  10. Always happy – Dogs don’t PMS or have mood swings and if they do, they don’t show it.  I can always expect kisses and excitement when I walk in the door.
  11. Family – I think this is the most valuable reason of all. Moose has become part of our family.  My boyfriend Luke and I got Moose together and we have raised him with love and patience. Not only have I seen a more vulnerable and loving side from Luke but I have also gained a bond between us three that I will cherish forever.
I took this picture of my pup, Moose, and I yesterday. We were riding around the farm with my boyfriend and Moose’s dog-dad, Luke. An added bonus, dogs make for great selfies.



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