H&M Home


HOW AM I JUST NOW FINDING OUT ABOUT THIS?!? Guys, I’m freaking out.  Just came across another bloggers post from April announcing H&M’s Home decor line.  The interior designer in me is SO SO thrilled with their collection.  Ranging from bedroom to kitchen to outdoors, they have everything to make a living space look spectacular! And the best part – it doesn’t cost buttloads of money, cha-ching!  Perfect for young home owners or renters who don’t want to spend a fortune on the aesthetic appeal of their home. One major downfall is that the H&M Home collection is web-based and will only be available online. But who doesn’t love wearing their PJ’s and shopping from the comfort of their own couch, am I right?

H&M Home collection features a lot of nature-inspired pieces with a modern and chic twist.  It’s like Joanna Gaines and Emily Henderson had a baby. Can’t get any better than that, sigh. You’ll find all things accent, storage and basic linens in the new H&M Home collection.  Although there is no furniture at this time, I would be eager to see what lovely pieces they could come out with… Fingers crossed that will happen soon!

Check out some of my favorite pieces from the new H&M Home collection below.

H&M Home

From left to right: Metal Candle Holder, $14.95; Metal Tray in Copper, $24.95; Tealight Holder, $6.95; Laundry Bag, $17.99; Wooden Candlestick, $12.95; Throw with Pompoms, $69.95; Metal Photo Frame, $14.95; Glass Vase, $5.95; Storage Basket, $12.99; Jute Basket, $24.95; Small Ceramic Dish, $6.95; Striped Seat Cushion, $12.95; Patterned Glass Pitcher, $24.95; Jute Bag, $24.95; Tea Light Holder, $6.95; Candle, $12.95

hmprod (5) hmprod (2)hmprod (3)hmprod (1)



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