My idea of home


There is something so comforting about the visual appeal of a home.  Whether it’s the worn-in couch that creates a focal point for the family room, the big fluffy blanket everyone fights over, the week-old flowers that are beginning to wilt, or the family portraits decorating the walls, every home tells a story.

Old books, rustic coffee tables, mason jars with fresh flowers and natural lighting are things that would describe my ultimate interior space.  I love taking one’s trash and turning it into a treasure.   I love playing with colors, textures and lighting to enhance the already uniqueness of a home. To me, it’s all about balance. Mixing vintage pieces with modern decor makes a home trendy yet functional. A home should look worn, like it’s being lived in. To me, too much structure and flawlessness makes a space look blank and staged.

Charm pours out of the walls in a loved home.  I believe that the small, flawed details of a home are what gives it character.  Perfect imperfections are my specialty.

Throughout my blog, I will be sharing with you my journey to becoming an independent interior designer. I will start gaining experience by scavenging through craigslist and yard sales to find quality furniture that needs a little TLC. My goal is to then re-sell the items after total re-furnishing takes place. I will take notes and post pictures during all DIY projects I complete including tips, tricks AND fails.  I hope you find my work to be helpful and inspiring. Thanks!



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